The Grand SouthWestern Tour starts in Reno and heads South on US 395 with stops along the way for Hot Springs in Bridgeport, a few miles South of Mammoth Lakes, and a few miles South of Bishop.  Then there are two alternate routes into Death Valley; the first comes into the Park from the North and has about 30 miles of washboard dirt road.  The second route into the park continues down US 395, past Manazar, and comes into the park from the West over very good roads.

    After leaving Death Valley you travel South into the Mojave Preserve to camp about 15 miles from Baker.

    After Mojave you can either go down to Joshua Tree and camp there or go to Las Vegas.

    While in Vegas go to Hoover Dam in the morning and on the way back spend the afternoon hiking down to Gold Strike Hot Springs.

    After Las Vegas you go to SW Utah and visit two large and two small parks. The route you take depends on whether you are returning to San Francisco or to Southern California.  The Northern route back to San Francisco travels on the world's loneliest highway, HWY 50.  You can camp at Austin Hot Springs in the middle of Nevada.